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Library Policies

Membership Policy

To obtain a library card, ask for a form at the library and fill it out. Applications for individuals under 18 years of age must be returned by a parent or guardian to verify parental consent. There is no charge for Shelby County residents. Nonresidents must pay a $30 fee . The nonresident fee is waived for those who work in the county. You need to bring valid identification with your current address, such as a driver's license or a utility bill.
Library Rules

1. Patrons must use their own library card to check out materials.
2. Most books may be checked out for 14 days and may be renewed two times if no one else has reserved the book. The overdue fine is .10 per day.
3. Popular (NEW) titles have a 14-day checkout period and are NOT renewable. The overdue fine is $1.00 per day.
4. Magazines, music CD's, books on CD and books with CDs may be checked out for 14 days and can be renewed two times. The overdue fine for these items is $.10 per day.
5. Adults (18 years old+) may checkout no more than 20 DVD and Blu-ray titles for 3 days, per card (limit of 2 New Adult movies & 1 new Juvenile movie).  No more than 2 video games per adult card.  NEW DVD and Blu-ray titles cannot be renewed. Older title DVD, Blu-ray and all video game titles may be renewed two times for 3 days each time. The overdue fine is $2.00 per day for each late DVD/Blu-ray/video game. DVDs, Blu-rays, and video games may be returned after hours in our outside media drop boxes. If returned in the drop after hours on date due, late fees will not be incurred.
6. PARENTS ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR THE SELECTION OF APPROPRIATE ITEMS FOR THEIR CHILDREN. Parents are also responsible for any item checked out by a child under the age of 18.
7. Parents should be aware that the library is concerned for the safety of children that visit the library.
Children under the age of 12 must be accompanied by someone 18 years or older while in the library. Parents/guardians/caregivers of children under the age of 6 must always be on the same floor of the library as the child.
8. Reserved items and interlibrary loan items will be held on the upper floor for patron pickup.
9. Books and Audio Books checked out from a Shelby County Library may be returned to any library in Shelby County (Alabaster, Calera, Chelsea, Columbiana, Harrison Regional, Harpersville, Helena, Montevallo, Mount Laurel, North Shelby, Vincent, Westover, and Wilsonville). Any other items(DVDs, Blu-rays, video games, Music CDs) should be returned to the library where you checked them out. The owning library may choose to charge a fine for returning any of these items to another Shelby County library. Check with the owning library for their rules and restrictions. There is a $5 fee for each Shelby County Library item that is returned to an out of county library, e.g. Hoover.
10. No smoking or eating allowed in the library. Patrons may have bottled drinks with a cap or in a cup with a lid. No canned drinks. No drinks are allowed at the computers. 
11. Inappropriate behavior will not be tolerated in the library. Please be courteous of others while using the library.
12. Cell phone use that disturbs other patrons is not permitted inside the library building.
13. The library is not responsible for any damage to personal equipment caused by library items.

A copy of the rules is given to everyone who applies for a library card. When you sign the application you agree to abide by these rules.

Computer Center Acceptable Use Policy

1. Each computer user must have a valid Shelby County Library card in good standing.  The card number is required each time the user signs in for computer use.
2. It is understood by the computer user that the right to privacy was waived when the acceptable use policy was signed during library card registration. The computers are monitored by the library staff and records are kept of computer usage.
3. The user signing in must be the actual user. Patrons may not share, loan or borrow library cards.
4. Each user can sign up for a one-hour session.
5. No pre-registration is allowed for computer use.
6. Users must be at their workstation during the time assigned to them. We will not hold or reserve a workstation.
7. Computer users must not attempt to alter any software or hardware settings, attempt to breach computer security or damage the equipment in any way.
8. Each user is responsible for all computer equipment, resources and cost of printouts. Printouts are 10 cents each and must be paid for at the release station before they will be printed. Color printouts are $1.
9. The library assumes no responsibility for documentation of information retrieved from the Internet. The library assumes no responsibility for loss of information on diskettes, disks or other storage devices.
10. One person per workstation unless a parent is assisting a child.
11. No inappropriate behavior will be tolerated. Inappropriate behavior includes but is not limited to the following:
Rough-housing or rowdy play
Loud and disruptive talking
Any act that endangers others or computer equipment
Viewing and/or displaying inappropriate material.
12. All computers will be turned off 30 minutes prior to library closing.
13. Staff will assist with computers as time allows, but cannot offer personal instruction.
14. Failure to comply with the acceptable use policy may result in disciplinary action up to and including termination of computer center privileges at the discretion of the library director. Restoration of computer center privileges will be determined by the Pelham Public Library Board.
15. Children under the age of 18 must have the written permission of their parents or guardians to use the computer center. Children under the age of 12 must be accompanied by a responsible adult (18 years or older.) Interpretation of the acceptable use policy guidelines is at the library director’s discretion. Final authority of any disputed interpretation rests with the Library Board.

Meeting Room Policy

The public meeting room of the Pelham Public Library is provided to the general public for use in programs of an informative, educational, cultural, or civic nature. Preference is given to Shelby County residents. Use of the public meeting room must in no way infringe upon the normal operations of the library. Final authority regarding the interpretation of guidelines for use of the meeting room rests with the Pelham Library Board. Maximum capacity for the meeting room is 30 people.


1. Meetings promoting the sale of a commercial product or service.
2. Meetings promoting the interests of an individual including but not limited to private parties such as birthday parties, showers, wedding receptions, anniversary parties, etc.
3. Meetings which interfere with the functions of the library due to noise or any other disturbance.
4. Meetings held before or after regular hours of operation for the library.

Rules and Regulations

Any organization using the Pelham Public Library meeting room agrees to the following:
1. Meeting must be held during normal operating hours of the library. Meeting must conclude 15 minutes prior to closing of the library. Due to limited parking, meetings may not be held during times deemed to be peak hours when parking is at a premium. The Library Director will determine what times constitute sufficient parking.
2. The meeting room is reserved on a first come, first serve basis. Bookings are not accepted more than 30 days in advance. No standing reservations may be made.
3. Application must be accompanied by a fee of $25.00 if refreshments are to be served.
4. The library is not responsible for items left in the meeting room. Storage space is not available.
5. Library or municipal programs take precedence over any and all other programs.
6. All meetings in the library meeting room must be free and open to the public. Groups using the room may not charge admission, sell items, or request donations for attendance or participation.
7. Smoking is not allowed.
8. The name or address of the library is not to be used in handouts or advertising of any kind except as a source of location. No group may use the library as a mailing address. Groups may not use the library’s phone number as a contact for program information.
9. Any advertising, publicity, or other announcement must be approved by the Library Director in advance.
10. The library does not endorse the views of groups meeting in the facility. The library does not sponsor/support the various groups using the meeting room and publicity announcing meetings should in no way imply library sponsorship.
11. Meetings of groups or individuals under 18 years of age must have an adult sponsor in attendance. Children 12 years and under must have a parent or guardian in the library. Children 6 and younger must have a parent or guardian on the same floor.
12. Groups or organizations using this meeting space may not discriminate on the basis of race, national origin, sex, religion, age, or disabled status in the provision of services.
13. Signs, decorations, or other objects are not to be taped or attached to walls or doors in any manner. No equipment or furniture is to be removed from the meeting room. Groups using the room are responsible for reimbursing the library for any damage to library furniture or equipment.
14. Instructors who charge a fee cannot reserve the room.
15. Violation of these rules may result in the loss of meeting room privileges.
16. The Pelham Library Board reserves the right to cancel the use of the meeting room for any organization if a majority of the Board feels that the organization does not fall within the guidelines of these policies for use of the public meeting room.

A printable, signable copy of this agreement is available here.

Full Policy Manual is available upon request

Test Proctoring Policy

As part of the Pelham Public Library’s mission to provide lifelong learning, FREE test proctoring services are offered to students(subject to availability of personnel, facilities, and technology required).The reference department is the point of contact for this service.

The student will:

Agree to adhere to all library guidelines when testing at Pelham Public Library.

Be the liaison between the school and the proctor.

After a test time has been scheduled with the library,arrange for the test or password (s) to be sent to the library.

Contact the library at least one day prior to the test to be sure it has arrived.

Contact the library at least one day in advance to schedule an exam.

Bring a picture ID, student ID, pens/pencils and a basic calculator if required.

Provide addressed envelopes and stamps for postage, if required for returning completed test results to school.

Relinquish use of personal laptops, cell phones,Blackberry’s, etc., if required by the school. The library cannot provide a secure or locked area for these devices. 

Call to cancel at least 24 hours prior if unable to keep reserved testing time. Failure to do so may result in loss of proctor privileges.

The library will:

Provide a designated contact number, e-mail address, and address. Correspondence will be handled via email, phone, or in person.

Provide a testing area, located in our reference department,with library staff supervision, from 10am to 30 minutes prior to closing time.If a quiet, self-contained testing area is required, the library may suggest another facility offering proctoring services.

Provide a laptop, if needed, for the student to use for online testing. However, we will not download testing software that is not compatible with our network.

Check the student’s photo ID.

Provide and collect all scratch paper

Report any perceived violation of the posted exam rules to the school.

Maintain a file for the student that will contain this signed agreement and a copy of student’s photo ID for six months after the designated testing time.

Forward tests via e-mail or mail at the student’s expense.

Limits to Proctoring Service:

Due to limited staffing, staff will not be able to proctor exams over 2 hours long.

PPL cannot guaranty proctoring service without 24 hour advance notice.

Pelham Public Library (PPL) will not accommodate requests for unscheduled proctoring.

PPL will not proctor an exam brought in by the student.

PPL cannot guarantee that technical problems will not occur when using the library computers.

PPL will not be responsible for tests that are interrupted by library emergencies, power failures, or computer hardware/software failures.

PPL will not be responsible for any delayed tests or for completed tests once they leave the library’s possession and have been sent to the school.

If test results/materials are to be returned to the school by mail, PPL will send them promptly but cannot make a guarantee that the testing institution will receive them by a specific date.

PPL reserves the right to substitute a proctor if the original proctor is unavailable.

PPL reserves the right to decline to administer tests that are staff intensive.

A printable, signable copy of this agreement is available here.